VNS Therapy for Epilepsy

What is the function of the VNS Therapy magnet?

Patient using the VNS Therapy magnet

The VNS Therapy magnet

The VNS Therapy magnet may provide additional benefits for some people, but it is not necessary to use it for your regular stimulation. By swiping the magnet over the generator when you feel a seizure coming on or during a seizure, you or your caregiver will be able to stop the seizure, shorten the seizure, decrease the intensity of the seizure, and improve the recovery period following the seizure. You can also fix or hold the magnet over the generator to temporarily stop stimulation during certain situations or activities when even mild side effects are troublesome, for example, public speaking, singing, exercising or other strenuous activity. The magnet can be applied by any person or caregiver trained in how to use it. If you experience troublesome side effects for an extended period of time, contact your physician.